Sidensjö  Wind Farm

LocationVästernorrland County, Sweden
Number of Turbines48
Total Installed Capacity144 MW
Year of Operation2015

LocationVästernorrland County, Sweden
Google Map View of RES Wind Project

The Sidensjö Wind Farm is located approximately six kilometres west of the village of Sidensjö and approximately 15 kilometres west of Örnsköldsvik in Västernorrland County.

Construction works began in June 2013 and during an intense period 67 km of new roads were stretched, 27 km overhead line was built and 73 km of power cable were buried. In 7 months 48 turbines were erected. During a busy day 200 persons would be active on site. 1300 individuals were trained in health and safety. In May 2015 the last turbine was energized and completed the picture of a successful construction project.

The Sidensjö Wind Farm has now been handed over to the owner, Stadtweke München, SWM, and the inauguration will take place on September 6th. Nordisk Vindkraft will continue to be responsible for the operation and maintenance.

The Sidensjö Wind Farm will produce about 400 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity annually, hence contributing considerably to the global production of renewable energy.  

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Contact person:
Tomas Lindblad, Head of Construction and Generation
Phone: +46 (0)31 - 339 59 11
Email: tomas.lindblad@nordiskvindkraft.se