Havsnäs  Wind Farm

LocationStrömsund, Jämtland
Number of Turbines48
Turbine TypeVestas V90
Tip Height140 meters
Hub Height95 meters
Turbine Rating1,8 & 2,0 MW
Total Installed Capacity95.4 MW
Year of Operation2010

LocationStrömsund, Jämtland
Google Map View of RES Wind Project

Havsnäs Wind Farm is located on three hills in a wooded landscape north of Strömsund in Jämtland, which is a favourable location for wind power. The area is also designated as being of national interest for wind energy generation, and thanks to its size it makes an important contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Nordisk Vindkraft is breaking new ground with Havsnäs Wind Farm, since it represents one of the largest project financing of wind power on the Nordic market. 

Nordisk Vindkraft has also been assigned by the Swedish Energy Agency to develop and to conduct research to work towards a more cost efficient and sustainable wind power industry in Sweden. The research is part of the Authorities' support towards research and development as well as innovation within the energy industry. The project goes under the name of Vindpilotprojektet Havsnäs (Wind Pilot Project Havsnäs) and results are available through a number of research reports and presentations from e.g. Winterwind 2011-2013 and the National Wind Power Conference 2012-2013.

Research conducted of the Havsnäs project is extensive with research reports and studies of wind measurements at a high altitude, ice throw studies and foundations in cold climates, local and socio-economic effects of wind power, health and safety of wind power development, construction and operations, connecting to the Swedish grid, and project financing of Swedish large-scale wind farms, among other reports.

The municipality of Strömsund has further adopted a positive attitude towards the project. They demonstrated this early by identifying Havsnäs in the comprehensive plan as an establishment area for wind power. Moreover, the planning work, which was carried out between the municipality and Nordisk Vindkraft, was nominated for the Swedish Association of Architects' Planning Prize in 2006. The jury's citation states that the planning work promotes good resource management and financially sound development, and that extensive knowledge accumulation and broad-based citizen participation has enabled the wind power project to be steered away from sensitive mountain areas in favour of forested pre-alpine foothills.

Construction began in April 2008 and generation started 18 months later. To date Havsnäs is one of the best producing wind farms in Sweden, with availabilty numbers as high as 99%.

For general questions, requests regarding site visits and questions regarding planned work adjacent to the wind farm, please contact;

Christer Norlén

Operations- & Maintenance tehnician

P +46 (0) 63 - 19 90 45

E NV.Generation@nordiskvindkraft.se