Åmliden  Wind Farm

LocationMalå, Västerbotten
Number of Turbines29
Turbine TypeVestas V100
Tip Height145 meters
Hub Height95 meters
Turbine Rating1,8 MW
Total Installed Capacity52,2 MW
Year of Operation2012

LocationMalå, Västerbotten
Google Map View of RES Wind Project

Nordisk Vindkraft has constructed a wind farm of 29 turbines in Åmliden, close to Malå in the county of Västerbotten, Sweden. It is situated in the forest on the Åmliden peak. Its location is favorable with few conflicting interests and the wind farm as been erected with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, the area is designated as being of national interest for wind power. 

The project obtained its permisson in accordance with "Miljöbalken" (The Environmental Act) on April 19, 2010. Construction commenced in 2011 and the wind farm started generating in November 2012.

The wind farm has been handed over to the owner HG Capital.