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  • About Nordisk Vindkraft

    Financially strong and independent, working towards a sustainable future, bringing clean energy and benefits to local communities. Powering Change! Read More >>
  • Våsberget aquired by Mirova

    Nordisk Vindkraft and French investment manager Mirova, have signed agreements for the sale, construction and operation of the Våsberget wind farm, Sweden. Read More >>
  • The local community

    How can your local community increase the benfits of having a wind farm as a neighbour? Seek advice here. Read More >>

Nordisk Vindkraft offers the full end to end solution. We are experts in developing, building and operating successful wind farms. We have decades of engineering and technical expertise and are proud to have built all our consented projects giving us a reputation for project delivery.


Nordisk Vindkraft is behind the development and construction of Sweden's highest generating wind farms. We are now responsible for optimising their performance.  Learn more about our tailored operation and maintenance solutions.


The Nordic counties have good pre-conditions to produce renewable energy. By doing so, the global emissions of carbon dioxide and other green house gases are decreased.